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Service mediation through Slovak companies.
After registering you can join our free subcontractor database and find new clients.

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How does our mediation service work?

  • With our Serviportal solution, we mediate your entrepreneurial service to your corporate client through our Slovak companies.
  • The commision for the mediation is only 5%

We have developed a service that is simple to operate and it is transparent.

The process:

  1. You are invoicing your service to our Slovak intermediary company / companies
  2. We, as an intermediary will continue to bill the company you specify, with only a 5% commission.

You want to be more profitable, but ...

  • Due to the legislative changes, it costs more and more to maintain your business

Have you ever had the feeling that the constant tightening is taking more money out of your pocket day by day?

Were you thinking about some kind of solution which enables you to make as much money as before the change of taxation policies?

  • For a small business, these are hard times caused by ever-tightening rules and legislations

Even you can see that the state is always trying to corner you with new rules and slowly but surely makes more money from your business than you yourself.

This is how we can help you

With the help of our Slovak intermediary companies, we mediate your service to your corporate client, thus more simpler rules will apply to your business.

A detailed step-by-step description of the process, from registration to invoicing, can be found here: Using the Serviportal

If multiple people are providing services to the same company:

A detailed step-by-step description of the process, from registration to invoicing, can be found here: Using the Serviportal

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What do you achieve with our Serviportal - service mediation solution?

  • You can issue large invoices at a 5% cost, to your corporate client.
  • Your services can be mediated through all of our intermediaries

Our Slovak intermediary companies are:

  • CE WORK trade s.r.o.
  • JMK service s.r.o.
  • KHJ Company s.r.o.
  • Serving Business s.r.o.

Accurate company informations in: Contact

What do you get with Mufis Serviportal?


  • Incredibly low brokerage fee/commission (only 5%) (So 95% of the service fee invoiced by our companies will be passed on to you). 
  • Simpler rules, more favorable regulations will apply to your business 
  • Billing and transfers in EUR, HUF, CHF, GBP or USD 
  • Free expert consultation on the exact tax conditions (without obligations) 
  • Free registration in our Serviportal system (no fine print)


How can you be sure you will get your money?

If you are a new customer and you are distrustful of the service, bill in small installments instead of using large volume transactions. This way you can try out our services without taking big risks and experience that we are a reliable business partner.

All mediations are made on the basis of written contracts and are paid without undue delay.

A detailed explanation of the service can be found here.

What do our customers say about us?


"The professionalism of the director was felt at first and the know-how and clearness can be felt in the office as well."

"There was no problem, everything was in the greatest order."

"It was a pleasant surprise, very professional administration."

“Everything happened as expected, I didn’t find any fault in it. They work on the basis of a flexible and good concept. ”

“The MUFIS company DIRECTOR, Mr. Miklós Gyetven, was extremely helpful. He answered all the questions I had, he did everything possible, and I am very satisfied with him and his co-workers. It was a great choice for me. Overall, I am very satisfied. ”

"I searched the internet, read good reviews ..."

Infinitely important!

With our free expert consultation (online or in person), you can make sure that the above solution is worthwhile for you, before we start working together. Click here for further details

You know our company and know that since 2011 we have been working with an impeccable professional background to help Hungarian entrepreneurs make more money.

We are committed to legal operations of businesses. There are more than 200 companies for which we do bookkeeping, and our team of 15 is the guarantee that you will get what we agreed on.

Click here for a detailed explanation of the service.

You can find our contact details here: Serviportal contact

  1. Payment guarantee - a written contract is made of each transaction, which guarantees the legality of the cooperation.
  2. Our free expert consultation is a professional guarantee that it is definitely worth working with us.
  3. All our clients know that we will tell you without any fear at the consultation, if the cooperation with is worth for you or not.
  4. The meeting does not obligate you to cooperate further and it is free of charge.

Service mediation through Slovak companies.

- Close to Budapest (approx. 45 km)
- Close to the border

Contact information at Serviportal contact

Find us online or in the immediate vicinity of Esztergom!

This is what our customers say about us:

"It was a pleasant surprise, very professional administration."

"There was no problem, everything was in the greatest order."

"Everything went smoothly, your colleagues helped me with everything, they did their job professionally."

"You do this at a high level."

“Everything happened as expected, I didn’t find any fault in it. They work on the basis of a flexible and good concept. ”

"What I got was right."

"All my questions were answered professionally."